Thomas O'Brien

Private Investigator. Son of Irish immigrants...


Thomas O’Brien is a Private Investigator, working out of his small office in Manchester. Because of his young age he is not yet a very succesful Detective, but he is determined to make his mark on the world.

He has a very mixed moral codex, as he will not hesitate to steal, hurt or maybe even kill if the need arises. But on the other hand he has a weak spot for poor and weak people because of his poor upbringing. He is also a bit of a sucker for cute girls.

He is 174cm tall and weighs only 65 kg. He has fiery red hair and nutbrown eyes. He is very slim and generally a pretty small person. He tris to compensate for it by wearing a large trenchcoat.

People bigger than him don’t scare him and he often get involved in fights with people MUCH bigger than him. But his common sense and logical way of thinking often makes him hold his tongue and stay out of fights, as he well knos it might kill him someday.


Thomas was born as an unwanted child on Saint patricks day 1894. His father, Liam O’Brien, was very annoyed with having another child as it was hard enough to make a living as an Irish immigrant in the 1890’s. And to make matters even worse the boy had the fiery red hair of his mother, Katie O’Brien, which made his father suspect her of having another man. Thus he never showed the boy any kind of ftherly love or emotions. Instead Thomas was beaten regularly (By his father, older brother, the Priest, police, shopowners etc..) This has made him almost immune to fear of pain og beatings.

In 1908 his father left the family and the last time Thomas heard from him, he wa in prison. Why he was in prison, Thomas does not know, nor does he care. Why his father left the family is unknown, but the family did not miss him. The same year his older brother left for Ireland, to fight for Irish independence, and writes a letter now and then. Thomas mother supported the family, but after 2 years his younger sister, were sent to live with their uncle in the country. She has not been heard from since. But Thomas loved her with all his heart and is determined to find her one day.

In 1912 Katie O’Brien died after a long time suffering from TB. This left Thomas devastated and all alone. The 18 year old boy soon discovered his natuarl skills in investigation and acquiring information and objects beloning to other people. He was quite miserable and lived on the streets, and it was only a matter of time befor he would end up dead or in prison. Fortunately he was found by the Widow Flannigan, an old lady who saw something good in the young man. So she “took him in” and became a kind of mother to him. He does odd jobs for her, and she pays him a little now and then. He is fiercly protective of Mrs. Flannigan and if anyone tries to hurt her, the will find their life to be in jeopardy.

Father: Liam O’Brien (b.1860)

Mother: Katie O’Brien (maidenname O’Malley b.1867 +1912)

Brother: Connor O’Brien (b.1888)

Sister: Sarah O’Brien (b.1901)

Thomas O'Brien

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